The Marathon Music remade:

Audio Drama...

/science-fiction audio drama/
Ghosts and Echoes

Music Creations...

/halo inspired songs/
Ode to an Opus Halo, or a Master Chief Concerto Movement 4, or Prelude Fantasias Toccatas III: In Your Base, Killing Ur Doods.mp3
Siege (... of Madrigal)

/original compositions/
Pathways Into Darkness 2 (Main Theme).mp3 (piano, electronic) [1.4 MB]
Axonical.mp3 (electronic) [2.6 MB]
Phasmidia Elegans.mp3 (electronic) [4.6 MB]
I Wont Feel It.mp3 (guitar and vocals) [4.6 MB]

/humorous original compositions/
360 (Love Song From Your Xbox).mp3 (guitar and vocals) [4.2 MB]

/covers (guitar and vocals)/
hurt.mp3 (with tairone leao, original: trent reznor) [4.6 MB]
i_will_not_die.mp3 (original: jude) [6.6 MB]

/covers (electronic)/
courage.mp3 (original: glen phillips) [3.0 MB]

concept1.mp3 (electronic loops) [1.2 MB, 1:00]
concept2.mp3 (electronic loops) [1.0 MB, 0:52]
dub_reggae.mp3 (electronic loops) [2.8 MB]
gnoss.mp3 (electronic loops) [1.2 MB]
diddymixy.mp3 (guitar loops) [892 KB]

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